Happy Women's Day!

A very happy women’s day from us to you. As you may know, Zeera too is woman owned. My name is Ruchi and I’m the founder and chef. I’ve been working in some of the best restaurants around Boston and New York for the past five years as a pastry chef. Recently, I decided to focus back to Zeera and I am working on it full-time. Why Zeera? When I walk down that snack isle at the grocery store, I don’t see anything healthy and flavor-packed like it. We pride ourselves on the quality of ingredients and process used to make our snacks. We love our new, gluten free #CurryGoneNuts. What’s next? We’re open for business! Need goody bags for your next party, wedding or home with friends/books. We’re trying to be pantry staple in your life. On the back end, we’re working on new packages so we look more professional.

This women’s day enjoy 10% percent off with code: WOMENSDAY and flat $5 shipping.

Fresh Air

Its 2016! At Zeera we have so much to look forward to this year. We just got started! We're working on new recipes, some marketing and sourcing. This past December we traveled to places like Goa, Bangalore,Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Dubai and Dhaka too. We met with so many people, explored local foods and now we're back with so many ideas. We even shared Zeera snacks with friends from all over the world!It sure was handy to keep in our bags since we were out and about so much. Now we're back! And have an exciting project for Valentine's Day! Stay posted! 

Why We're Excited for Prem Ratan Dhan Payo

Call it great marketing but we just couldn't ignore the songs and trailers of Prem Ratan Dhan Payo (PRDP.) It has one of the busiest weekends of the year booked for its release, Diwali! Here at Zeera, we're swamped getting Diwali orders out to customers and can't wait to take that three hour break in the cinema to watch a good ol' Rajshri movie!

We're making it a family reunion

OK! More like friends like family reunion. The memory of watching Hum Saath Saath Hain with three generations and taking up a whole row at the cinema is still fresh. It was EPIC! And we're planning to  recreate it with the family we have here. 

Ouf! The melodrama!

The tears, the happiness, the ten minute songs and one mandatory family feud that will resolve at the end teaching us all valuable lessons of life - #sanskar (family values in hindi). I still remember my cousins and I all crying in Hum Aapke Hai Kaun. It just got so sad and nothing like a dark cinema hall to let those tears flow.

The Clothes

We all know about Sonam Kapoor and her fashionable sense of style. We love it! The girl takes risks and it definitely pays off. In PRDP she's got ethnic Indian wear down to the T. As wedding season approaches, we're taking notes of the latest fashion trends.

Salman Khan 

Aka Prem, his name is fifteen movies so far. Prem is back! We've been ogling at him since the 90's in Maine Pyar Kya. He's older, wiser and still pretty good looking! Although the age difference between him and Sonam is borderline weird, Salman is still technically in the market.

The Sets

Set in Rajasthan, the sets and cinematography is beautiful from what we've seen so far. Sooraj Barjataya always has a big budget and it seems like he's completely outdone himself this time. 

Take a look at the title song! A little over a week for Diwali, put those orders in soon!!