Founded in 2015, Zeera is an independent, small business with the mission to have great and natural products.We uphold values and practices that make us a company we can be proud of. Our snacks are inspired from all parts of India and are created to fit the modern lifestyle. At Zeera, we want to build a company that promotes healthy snacking with our salty and spicy trail mixes filled with ancient grains like millet, kamut, raw spices like cumin, turmeric and red chili powder, nuts and dried fruit.

  • We’ve taken classic foods and put our own healthy spin on them.

  • We use real ingredients.No additives or preservatives.

  • We have gluten free, vegan options and none of our products contain eggs.

Our mission is to provide you with healthy and real food so you can make better choices about what you eat.

We cater to an array of your needs, whether is it something to fit your day-to-day lifestyle or a special occasion.

Choose Zeera for your upcoming Diwali party, wedding favors, bridal shower, graduation, you name it. All our labels can be customized to add something special to your event.

Email for pricing options.